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When not lifting cars or throwing large rocks, Matt escapes the disappointment of his life with nerdy games such as Magic, Warhammer, or Dungeons and Dragons. He is a history buff with several podcasts in the works, and hopes to live his dreams through his young son who was taught how to squat before learning to use the potty.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews
November 9, 2021

You’ve poured time and money, as well as your heart and soul into your business, so it’s understandable to be hurt when someone casually dismisses your efforts or seems unimpressed by your dedication. It becomes even more challenging when it goes beyond just that one customer who seemingly didn’t care; especially when that customer has a strong enough opinion to…

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Are You a Victim of False Negative Reviews?
October 19, 2021

With the Digital Age still being relatively young, we still haven’t agreed on all the rules. We are still navigating our way through it and deciding collectively what the rules of this new plane should be. One of the more important discussions we are having right now surround the issues of online reviews. Getting published and seen used to…

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13 Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Using Testimonials
August 12, 2021

No one likes a braggart. Before the days of Twitter, Yelp, and photo identification, people and businesses relied on their reputations to do business overseas, conduct trade via letters of introduction, and even to run for president. That’s right– the contenders didn’t actually run for office themselves, but rather, relied on their supporters to campaign for them. While those days…

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How to Get a 5-Star Review From Jessica Alba
March 31, 2021

Some celebrities have passions they pursue when they aren’t being featured on the big screen. The great Tom Selleck, for instance, is also an avocado farmer. Legendary manly man Nick Offerman operates a wood shop on the side, and Steve Martin moonlights as an award-winning bluegrass banjo player. Color me surprised when I found out Jessica Alba (my celebrity crush)…

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Habits of Highly Effective Internet Shoppers
January 18, 2021

The progress in our communications has shifted the power back to the consumers. A single bad online review (whether true or not) can destroy an established business, or just drive hundreds of potential customers the other way. To see how this works, just look at the way people shop. If I purchase a product or service it doesn’t…

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Branded Searches – Don’t Drop the Ball
August 31, 2016

Is your company ranking number one for your brand name? I hope so. While a non-branded search helps drive new traffic that is at an earlier stage of the buying process, branded searches mean they are already considering you and are trying to dig up more information about your company. This has become the standard step, as our research shows…

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Review Wars 2016: America’s Favorite Restaurant Emerges
April 20, 2016

The majority of us will, at some point, use online reviews to decide where to go for dinner. You’ll read some of the reviews, look at the overall ratings, and then make a subjective decision based on that information and roll the dice. After you try it out, you may even leave a review yourself! Back in March, we…

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Restaurant Review Wars 2016 (Semi-Finals)
April 14, 2016

Last week we whittled it down to the final four, and today we will be seeing which two businesses face off for the crown of Best Restaurant in the Nation (according to Yelp). To see last week’s matchups look here, or if you need to refresh yourself and see our original 16 contestants, look here. Week 3 Results…

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Review Wars – Restaurants 2016 (Week 3)
April 4, 2016

  If you found the NCAA March Madness tournament as frustrating as I did, then join me here for some comfort food as we analyze the results from our next round of competition in Review Wars – Restaurants 2016. If you aren’t up to date, see weeks one and two. Last time, we learned which restaurant is the best…

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Review Wars – Restaurants 2016 (Week 2)
March 25, 2016

Week 1 results We aren’t here to discuss the crazy results from NCAA basketball (Michigan St, you’re killing me). We have our own week one story to tell about America’s Favorite Restaurant, according to the officials who matter most – the people who eat there. Last week, we explained how this works. The short of it is that each…

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Review Madness: America’s Favorite Restaurant
March 16, 2016

As determined by the PEOPLE Does everyone know what time it is? It’s mid-March, so that mean’s it’s time for March Madness! While everyone else is obsessing over college basketball, we at RevenueJump gush at the thought of reviews. What better way to determine America’s Favorite Restaurant than to have them compete head-to-head in competition without them even knowing it!…

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16 Reviews That Went Terribly Wrong
February 12, 2016

They can’t all be winners. Today we feature the best of the best – and the worst of the worst – reviews for eight unique products sold by Amazon. These reviewers take the product as seriously as the manufacturers do. 1. The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer If there is any project in the household that needs a special tool, it’s…

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Websites That Win: The Mattress Nerd
February 2, 2016

Even with millions of websites to choose from, perfection is hard to find. We all have flaws, though, and you don’t have to be perfect to be appreciated (according to a legitimate source– my mother). Even so, occasionally I come across a website so good, so amazing, that I have to tell others about it. These aren’t necessarily the funniest…

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Fake Reviews: Spotting a Big, Fat Phony!
January 26, 2016

Our ancestors had to learn how to survive and pick up the signals of a predator, or the tracks of the prey they themselves were after. Nowadays, our survival relies more on the ability to wade through an overflowing river of information and being able to separate the genuine article among the torrent of camouflaged frauds. Even though 68% of…

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