How to Get the Best of Houzz Badge

February 17 , 2016 by in Marketing
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If you’re a contractor, here’s a short but a valuable tip.

You may have seen them, but Houzz has these badges that identify the best contractors on their platform:

Houzz Best of Badges

Have you ever wondered how to earn these badges?

Without revealing who, I was speaking with a Houzz contractor last week who tested the system. One year he didn’t earn the badge. The following year he was able to obtain a handful of 5-star reviews and ended up earning one.

This contractor thinks that if you’re able to obtain three to five positive reviews on Houzz in a given year, that’s all you need to qualify for their “Best of” badges.

Notice how the awards are given in January? The “given year” is likely from the previous January 1 – December 31.

Anyway, I hope this helps. And if you’d like assistance with getting customers to leave you reviews on Houzz, take a tour of the RevenueJump application!

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