Unlimited Accounts.
One Low (Low) Price.

RevenueJump Partners

Simplify and Elevate ALL Your Clients’ Marketing Funnels for Just $99/mo

Not $99 per client. That’s $99 for all your clients combined.

Resell or repackage RevenueJump at whatever price you set. Expand your value and revenue with our revenue-generating upgrades.

Why do partners join RevenueJump?

New Revenue Stream

Offer clients something new and profitable for the both of you.

Some partners include RevenueJump as part of a bigger package they sell. Others present it as an upgrade, a standalone service, a tripwire offer, or even a lead magnet.


Cancellations suck.

But, adding RevenueJump to your stack can reduce cancellations and retain clients longer than ever (especially when automated with platforms like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, etc.).

Happier Clients

It’s no fun having to explain to your client why things aren’t going well with their campaign.

RevenueJump elevates the performance of your clients’ marketing funnels. So if they’re happy, you will be too.

Integrated Upsells

Since RevenueJump was built by partners for partners, your success is top-of-mind.

This means the platform is optimized and perfectly balanced for converting clients from the Low Jump plan to High Jump.

We’re Partner-Only

That’s right! Except for enterprises that need SLA type of service, we don’t sell to the public.

You get to set your own pricing without having to compete against us! And if we get a lead, we always pass it onto our partners.

Partner Resources

You’ll get done-for-you marketing materials and tools that are ready for your logo and personalization.

Oh, and then there’s our full-featured Partner Dashboard. It’s unlike any other you’ve seen.

Ian Rogers

“Since we help a lot of new customers regularly, it’s beneficial for us to have software that will automate the review capture process. I am happy that we can set up an integration and have it run on it’s own, instead of manually trying to capture reviews.”

Ian Rogers • Mvestor Media

Partner FAQ

Who is RevenueJump a good fit for?

Just about any type of business can benefit from RevenueJump in some way, even B2B companies.

However, RevenueJump is currently optimized to help companies that serve B2C audiences.

Become a partner if you ...

… Prefer to “own” the client and control the pricing.
… Will offer RevenueJump as part of a higher value package.
… Need an entry-level service to attract new clients.

Who and how much does the client pay?

The client pays you. How much is up to you!

Some partners package RevenueJump with other services to provide exponential value to their clients.

Others don’t even charge their clients for the base plan because they use it as a loyalty reward or as a lead magnet to recruit new clients.

How much does it cost to be a partner?

Whether you have 10 clients or 10,000 clients, unbelievably, your cost is still only $99 per month.

There are upgrades available to you and your clients, but those are optional. So when we say only $99/mo, we mean it!

Do you charge a setup fee?

Never! But as a partner, you absolutely could charge your clients one.

We do not charge any startup fees to partner with RevenueJump. You also will not be charged any setup fees for your client accounts.

Do you offer a white label option?

We used to white label our platform for partners! The problem was, every single partner who started out white labeling, changed their mind and asked to restore RevenueJump branding… Every. Single. Partner.

Why? Support. We offer free support to our partner’s clients. And since our partners aren’t nearly as familiar with the platform and using it every day like we are, supporting their clients just proved too cumbersome and time consuming.

So, we created the best of both worlds. Your client can’t circumvent you and buy from us, AND you get our help in providing awesome support, thus making you money and saving you time!

Who is our partnership program ideal for?

The RevenueJump partner program is ideal for agencies and consultants who serve clients that sell to B2C audiences.

If you offer marketing automation, even better.

If you cater to a specific niche, even better.

How long are your contracts?

There are no contracts on any of our partnership plans. Your commitment is the same length as your subscription… monthly. If you ever want to stop it from renewing, just say the word!

Which applications do you integrate with?

Of course, you can integrate RevenueJump with hundreds of applications through Zapier. We also have direct integrations setup directly through a number of other applications such as ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Facebook, Google My Business, etc.

Will my data be secure and private?

Abso-freakin-lutely. Even though the data we store is very minimal, we take security very seriously. The RevenueJump app can only be accessed through a secure socket layer (SSL) connection.

Is RevenueJump difficult/technical to use?

We’ve tested the app on 8-year-olds without a hitch. So unless you’re younger than 7 years old, you don’t need to be a developer or a programmer to use RevenueJump. We’ve made it very easy to send surveys.

Is our partner program right for you?

Yes, sign me up!

We’re ready too. Here’s what to expect:

  • Apply and pay the first $99 (refunded if not accepted)
  • Set up your partner dashboard
  • Utilize our Partner Success Kit to get ramped up quickly

I need more information.

Sounds good. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Wholesale pricing structure (plus MSRP)
  • Monthly commission schedule
  • Demo of RevenueJump (including the Partner Dashboard)