5 Digital Marketing Hacks You Need To Know

February 28 , 2021 by in Sales
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Your digital marketing strategy is your company’s best friend. Like any friendship, it needs to be nourished and supported to really thrive. From social media channels to your website, you need to keep content and strategy in alignment with your brand and business goals — while making sure your user experience is optimal.

Here are 5 digital marketing hacks to consider:

1. Take Advantage of YouTube Live

RevenueJump YouTube Live

Video excites customers more than any other content. When you are hosting a special event, launching a new product, or showcasing a particular marketing promotion, utilize YouTube Live and embed it on your website. It is really easy to share on a “watch page” on different social media networks to notify your existing customers and followers and expand your reach exponentially.

2. Seek Out Your Biggest Fans


Research your social media sites and find out your top “talkers.” The biggest fans who love and talk about your product or service the most have the power to really spread the word. Keep the list updated and when you have social media posts that are performing well, send them directly to those customers and ask them to share it. Companies such as Target and Johnson & Johnson are even going a step further and adding young influencers to their creative and marketing teams. You can use tools like BuzzSumo, Klout or followerwonk to help you find the right influencers for your business.

3. Upcycle Your Blog Posts

blog post RevenueJump

Posts that have performed well for you can be transformed into short videos to engage your customers in new ways. Edit the text into a short, snappy script and share it on your site and across your multiple SM platforms. Efficient and powerful. You can also use the content for podcasts as well. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with over 35 million people listening to podcasts weekly in 2016 totaling an average of approximately four hours and ten minutes over the course of the seven days.

4. Perform Quarterly Overhauls of Your Website

Snapchat RevenueJump

With the constant forward movement of digital marketing, it can be easy to lose track of the tried and true. Perform a thorough review of your site on a regular basis to make sure all your links are working, eliminate any embarrassing typos, perform quality control on your pricing, and add any new social media channels. Does your company have a Snapchat account? With more than 158 million people using the platform each day, creating 2.8 billion Snaps, adding it to your comprehensive social media marketing efforts could be an excellent enhancement.

5. Develop Free Tools Your Customers Can Use

Dynamic content is critical, but going a step further will let your customers know more about what they can expect from you. Templates, kits, calculators, and other similar tools will give them a proactive space to understand products and services and make purchase decisions.

With creativity and effort, your digital marketing program can be more efficient and effective — and springboard your revenue at the same time. Think about the areas that your business needs to tackle first. Do you know who your greatest influencers are? Are you making the most of hidden gems in your corporate blog? Are you using enough video across your social media channels and on your website to maximize click-through?

After a review, prioritize the digital hacks in an implementation calendar — and get to work! Listening and understanding needs is at the heart of a good friendship. With a clear plan and dedication, you and your digital marketing program can be true besties.


Jon Tsourakis

CEO of Revital Agency

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