Why the Delay?

May 26 , 2016 by in Sales
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When I began my job as the Sales Manager for RevenueJump, I never thought I would use my educational degree in conflict resolution so much. I thought all I would need to know was that our product was easy to use, simple in nature, and had phenomenal results.

Using RevenueJump as a business, you send a request for a review to your current customers, and our process makes it easy and streamlined for them to leave the review, as well as for you to monitor your online reputation.

I initially thought I would set aside my consulting experience and skillset while I set off to help grow a budding software company.

Well, I was wrong.

A little back story…

I hold an undergraduate degree in international cultural studies, with an emphasis in intercultural communication. I also have certificates in entrepreneurship and intercultural peacebuilding. After my undergraduate degree, I completed a master’s program in conflict and dispute resolution. It was during my undergraduate certificate in intercultural peacebuilding with Dr. Chad Ford, that I realized how different people were in nature; especially in terms of their communication style, as well as their conflict resolution style.

In the spirit of simplicity (much like RevenueJump), we can safely say there are two types of people. Those who willfully engage in conflict, and those who willfully try to avoid it. Every person has a hybrid of conflict resolution styles and a preference, in most situations, that lean towards one or the other.

I am the type of person who willfully engages in conflict; which is why I feel comfortable addressing conflictual issues and helping others work through them. My consultant experience in conflict resolution primarily focused on organizational and workplace environments, which have given me a great understanding of the two.

During the first week I worked with RevenueJump, I was asked, “why the delay?” You see, RevenueJump uses a built-in-delay process to systematically send a review request from each business to an intended recipient. The time delay is not by accident, nor a coding error.

While I am comfortable engaging in face-to-face conflict with others and addressing issues on the fly, I know this is not a style most people are comfortable with. In fact, I would say more people would rather avoid conflict, altogether, than engage in it.

With this in mind, let’s answer the question, “why the delay?” The answer is simple; not all people are comfortable engaging in face-to-face conflict. When you ask someone for a review, while in your physical presence, it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. It puts people on edge and most people won’t feel comfortable giving honest feedback in a situation like that. They may smile and pretend to be comfortable but, truth is, people will mask their true feelings and emotions, just to deal with the situation at hand. In reality, they are squeamish, anxious, and ready to get out of there.


Changing Perspective

Does requesting a review face-to-face deliver the results you want? Or does it create conflict?

Congratulations! You received a new review from a “happy” customer.

However, you may end up losing that customer for good. Why? Because chances are, they only left a review or recommendation, out of uncomfortable pressure.

For some, a face-to-face conflict can be a traumatic experience. When someone hovers over you, bright-eyed and smiling, you’re forced to leave a review that isn’t genuine. It’s left more so out of fear. Fear that the business owner may find out that maybe you weren’t 100% satisfied.

I like to call these “forced reviews.” Reviews left out of obligation, during an uncomfortable situation.

Why Reviews Matter

Business 101: In order for a business to grow, it needs to deliver quality service, usually in a timely manner, and in a way that invites their target audience to become a repeat customer.

This is true for all businesses. In the B2C markets, customer experience will determine the future of your business. If the customer has a negative experience, they are likely to not continue using your services. If the customer has a positive experience, however, they are likely to continue using your services.

At RevenueJump, we tell businesses that if they deserve a 5-star reputation, we will help them get it. In helping businesses create a positive experience for their customers, we’ve mastered the art of utilizing a built-in-delay review process.

Let me explain. If a customer has a positive experience, while in your office, store, practice, or presence, then you have done a great job on your part. Now’s the time to let RevenueJump do its part.

Our easy-to-use-platform, allows you to request a review from your customers, using our software’s built-in delay system. Doing this allows your customers to provide honest and genuine feedback, while in their comfort zone. Remember, when a client/customer is in their own comfort zone, they are more inclined to provide the open, honest, and authentic feedback you, as the business owner, are looking for.

So what exactly does a positive review do for you, the business owner?

When people search for a business/service provider in your market, they are likely to go with someone who has positive reviews in the local search results. How do I know this? Extensive SERP research, that’s how. They’ll see you have positive reviews, and when reading through them, they’ll notice the authenticity of the reviews, too.

Not Just Because We Say So…

In our Founder’s book, Reputation Equals Revenue, Brodie references a 2013 study by GE Capital Retail Bank stating:

81% of people will do research (usually through a search engine) before choosing a service provider. Of those people, 54% will actually read through reviews.

Thus, if your reviews sound fake, and don’t have the authenticity we are all looking for, you stand to lose potential business. With the importance of reputation and reviews in today’s business world, having authentic and honest reviews will allow you to stand out in a crowd; a crowd that is oversaturated with businesses gunning for your business.

In wrap up, if you provide great services and deserve 5-star reputation, we will help you get it.

RevenueJump will do so in a manner that creates repeat customers and steady growth for your online reputation.


About David Hitz

When not helping businesses to grow their online reputation and reviews, David enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. He loves the outdoors for their beauty and endless fun. David is also an avid below-average skateboarder.

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