A few words from our clients…

We’ve revolutionized the way companies survey their customers and monetize their feedback. But don’t take our word for it!

Are you our next success story?

Most Google Reviews

Ted Wagner

“Thanks to you guys, we have the most Google reviews in the city!”

Ted Wagner • Boise, ID

Reviews Tip the Scales

Susan Johnson

“I took a call from a lady that had been shopping around and decided on us because of our positive reviews. There is no doubt our reviews tip the scales in regards to patients choosing us over the competition.”

Susan Johnson • Mesa, AZ

Filters Negative Feedback

Delane Rouse

“All feedback is good feedback. BUT… the best thing in the world is RevenueJump allowing me the opportunity to reach out to these people BEFORE the negative feedback makes its way to Google/Yelp/BBB. So thanks!”

Delane Rouse • Washington, D.C.

RevenueJump is Automatic

Sara Liddell Testimonial

“The biggest benefit is that RevenueJump is automatic. My team isn’t put into an uncomfortable position having to beg for reviews. The text messages go out and our clients just review us on their own.”

Sara Liddell • Meridian, ID

Fast and Easy

“To quote one of my customers… ‘I was very surprised by how fast and easy it was. You should emphasize this when asking people for a review.’ How cool is that?”

Craig Henderson • Meridian, ID

I Love RevenueJump

Nicole Denouden

“I knew my clients had great things to say about my practice and my team… It was just finding an easy way for them to share it online. We tried other options, but they weren’t as effective as RevenueJump. I love what it’s done for my practice.”

Dr. Nicole Denouden • Welland, ON

Over 5 Hours Away

Christopher Rensink

“I had a really awesome moment yesterday. I was booking an appointment over the phone for a woman who lived over 5 hours away. She told me, ‘I know you guys are far away… but your reviews are just so amazing that I decided my daughter needs to experience this.’”

Christopher Rensink • Plano, TX

We’re #1!

Jack Trent

“We started out at 6 reviews and are now up to 29 in just under a month. We’ve also jumped from the 6th page to #1 on Google. We are excited for the future!”

Jack Trent • Boise, ID

Getting New Reviews Has Been Easier

Nikki Ramirez-Smith

“Our visibility on Google has improved tremendously, and getting new reviews has been easier than I expected. I also appreciate your willingness and responsiveness whenever I need help. I feel comfortable working with you guys. Thanks!”

Nikki Ramirez-Smith • Nampa, ID

Why They Chose Me

Ben Glass

“My best leads these days regularly talk about my 45 reviews with a 5-star average on Google. It’s not only how they found me, but why they chose me.”

Ben Glass • Fairfax, VA