RevenueJump Local Search Analysis™ 2015

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Did I really analyze 22,032 local listings?


Brodie Tyler here. Prior to investing in the latest version of our RevenueJump web application, I needed to make sure it was a risk worth taking. This research, ultimately known as the RevenueJump Local Search Analysis™, gave me that insight and opened my eyes to how valuable Google reviews are to a location’s ranking.

The 1 Result that Mattered

In case you were wondering… Yes, I was able to justify my investment into the latest version of Revenue Jump. You should try it!

Ultimately, it’s because of a single result.

The first 3 Google local results have
more reviews than the second 3 results.

My Methodology

Google 3-PackThe platform I chose to analyze was Google, as it is the most widely used search engine.

Over time, Google moved from a 10-pack of local search results, to a 7-pack, to just a 3-pack in August of 2015.

With the opportunity to show up on Google’s first page of local search results cut by over two-thirds, being in the top three results has become even more important for local businesses.

Google Review Results

The research wasn’t complicated. In the 4th quarter of 2015 I basically went from search-result-page to search-result-page, counting the number of reviews in the first and second 3-packs of local listings. With the help of my two oldest sons, we recorded these numbers into a spreadsheet that ultimately seemed never ending.

In all, I covered 107 U.S. cities and 29 unique categories of keywords. I looked at 22,032 local listings and counted a total of 101,741 reviews. Below is the data I ended up with.

Brodie Tyler

Review Distribution

There are 4.72 reviews in the first 3-pack for every 1 review in the second 3-pack.

3-Pack w/Most Reviews

The first 3-pack had more reviews than the second 3-pack 66% of the time.

Listing w/Most Reviews

63% of the time, the local listing with the most reviews appeared in the first 3-pack.

Ratio by Category

The chart above shows the total number of reviews showing up in the first 3-pack for every review in the second 3-pack. The data is displayed on a category-by-category basis. The highest ratio was Pest Control at 12.8 with Restaurants coming in at just 1.7 reviews.

The Most and Least


A total of 107 cities were included in the study. Below is a table of the three most and least reviewed cities. The number shown is the quantity of reviews per 1,000 of the city’s population.

Most Reviewed Least Reviewed
Alpharetta, GA: 51.5 Los Angeles, CA: 1.2
Orem, UT: 49.1 San Jose, CA: 2.1
Catalina Foothills, AZ: 48.7 Philadelphia, PA: 2.3


Naturally, the popularity of the 29 different categories is going to vary widely. Here are the three most and least reviewed categories from a quantity standpoint.

Most Reviewed Least Reviewed
Restaurants: 24,528 Accounting: 313
Dentistry: 11,755 Physical Therapy: 497
Auto Repair: 5,300 Landscaping: 552

Category Review Quantity

In all, my research encompassed 101,741 reviews. This chart shows how they are distributed throughout each category. Notice how nearly 1/4th of all the reviews came in from the Restaurants category.