The Unlimited Plan

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The first unlimited survey plan for reviews and referrals.

Free Setup + $39/mo Includes:

RevenueJump Survey Type

Testimonial Survey Type – Our ready-to-send surveys will help you get more testimonials, reviews, and referrals. Testimonial surveys are included. Feel free to add the other two if they fit your goals.

RevenueJump Location

Location – How many business locations would you like to get more reviews and/or referrals for? The first one is included for free.

RevenueJump Survey Template

Survey Template – You can personalize your surveys and save them as templates. The Unlimited Plan includes one of them right off the bat.

RevenueJump User Account

User Account – Manage your account from a single login, or add more user accounts when customizing your plan.

RevenueJump Trackable Employee

Trackable Employees – Measure the performance of your employees from your customers’ perspectives. If you need more the two that are already included, you’ll be able to add more.

RevenueJump Auto Follow Up

Automatic Follow Up – To improve performance, RevenueJump will send up to two follow up messages. Once the customer completes the survey, the follow ups will stop.

RevenueJump Feedback Filter

Feedback Filter – Ask all customers for reviews or referrals, or flip the switch and only ask the happy ones. The choice is yours. (Note, filtering feedback may not comply with review site guidelines.)

RevenueJump No Contract

No Contract – Cancel anytime you feel you’re not getting the value you expect. There’s no long-term contracts here.

RevenueJump Gurarantee

Money-Back Guarantee – If within the first two weeks you’ve sent 20 surveys to customers and you don’t get at least one 5-star review, one filtered negative feedback, or one referral, we’ll give you your money back.

Want More?

If you need more features for your Unlimited Plan, we’ve got you covered!

You’ll be able to customize your plan and add the features you need.

Currently, the Unlimited Plan is only available in the United States. However, we still may be able to assist you! Simply contact us to find out.

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