Referral Partner Program

Referral Partner Program

Who It’s For

Associations, software companies, consultants, and advisors seeking a simple, easy-to-implement way to monetize their audience, while providing a valuable resource to their membership and clients.


  • 30% recurring commission for new clients
  • 5% recurring commission for new clients your clients refer
  • Refer through trackable links, forms, and introductions
  • View referral reports in the Referral Partner Center
  • Immediate access to banner ads and tracking links
  • Recurring commissions paid. Every. Single. Month.


Commissions are paid monthly once a minimum of $100.00 USD has been earned. Just refer at least one new client every twelve months to retain your Referral Partner status and to continue earning the recurring commissions. For full details, please refer to our Partnership Agreement.

Sample Scenarios

#1: Simple Referrals

Without drastic changes to your systems, you refer an average of just a couple of clients a month over the next year as part of the regular interactions you have with your clients. If they each sign up on a typical RevenueJump plan, you could earn an annual recurring commission of $14,256, just for introducing RevenueJump to each of your clients.

#2: Custom Webinar

You have a loyal, engaged following of 8,500 business contacts. We team up with you to hold a webinar, teaching them how to get more referrals and 5-star reviews. We’ve seen this type of webinar convert into sales at a rate of 32%, but let’s just say yours converts at only half that rate for just 5% of your audience. With a special offer available only for your attendees, this one webinar could generate you a new recurring stream of $40,392 in annual income.

#3: One and Done

Position RevenueJump as one of your trusted resources by adding us to your approved vendors page, including us in your welcome paperwork for new clients or members, or providing us a booth at your next conference. Once it’s all setup on your end, we’ll track all your referrals that come in and send you the commission checks each month.

Account Setup Form

By completing this form and clicking the button below, you are acknowledging and agreeing to our Partnership Agreement.