Certified Reseller Program

Who It’s For

Marketing companies, internet marketing agencies, and guru’s with niche audiences seeking the top referral and review software to better serve their clients’ marketing and reputation needs.


  • Wholesale month-to-month pricing (30-50% discount)
  • No onboarding fees for client accounts (reg. $500)
  • Partner Dashboard to view all your clients in one place
  • Includes RevenueJump app ($1,999 annual value)
  • Quick Start Marketing Kit ($1,500 value)
  • Monthly group webinar
  • 1-on-1 Strategy Coaching Call ($125 value)
  • Unlimited sales support calls


The RevenueJump Certified Reseller program is setup to be profitable for you right from the start. It’s available with an automatically renewing annual agreement.

One-Time Setup: $500

Monthly Installment: $95

IMPORTANT NOTE: This program is designed to pay for itself after just 2-3 new clients. Very doable, right?

Sample Scenarios

#1: Upsell

You manage 100 marketing clients that, on average, each have 3 business locations. You offer your new referral and reputation solution and only 20 of your clients take it for $399/location/mo. Your service includes a RevenueJump subscription, a complete referral marketing system, an online review response service, and repurposing positive feedback into testimonials and other marketing content. You would generate a total of $287,280 in new annual revenue, $201,312 of that in gross profit.

#2: Pivot

For your local SEO service, your clients’ citations, Google My Business pages, domain authority, and websites are as optimized as they can be. However, they’re still not ranking very well on Google. Since review quantity and ratings influence rankings, you can scale back on your local SEO labor costs and replace it with RevenueJump at no extra cost to your client.

#3: Trip-Wire

You normally charge your clients thousands a month for your services. But, you need a low priced, entry-level service to act as a “trip-wire” to engage prospects and kick off the relationship. Offer RevenueJump at regular retail rates, or less if you like, to build trust with clients that may have a lot of future potential.

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