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Looking to Improve Your Local Reviews?

Unfortunately, disgruntled customers often turn to your Google profile and other sites to vent their frustration, often out of revenge for how you “wronged” them.

It’s a necessary battle in this day and age, but not to worry. RevenueJump will set your mind at ease when it comes to protecting your online reputation.

Make the Difficult Easy

Getting reviews is naturally difficult. But, overcoming this obstacle will help set yourself apart from the competition.

Simply put, RevenueJump eliminates steps and streamlines the process for your customers to leave you a 5-star review. Easy equals more.

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Filter Negative Reviews

If your customers aren’t happy, RevenueJump will help you to find out why. This negative feedback will only be shared with you.

If they are happy, RevenueJump can make it easy for them to review you online. Just keep in mind review sites don’t like this filter mechanism, so turning it on is entirely up to you.

Ted Wagner

“Thanks to you guys, we have the most Google reviews in the city!”

Ted Wagner
Boise, ID

Rank Higher on Google

Our Local Search Analysis shows that more reviews and better ratings mean better search engine rankings.

To that point, the #1 ranked listing has an average of 38 reviews and a 3.7-star rating while the #10 listing only had 14 reviews adn a 3-star rating.

2017 Local Search Analysis Infographic
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Get 650% More Reviews

An internal study of active client accounts showed a 650% increase of positive reviews over the first six months. You read that right, not overall reviews, but only positive ones.

In this same study the clients also increased their average rating from 4.3-stars to 4.6-stars.

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