About RevenueJump

Born in 2014, RevenueJump is a web application that helps companies maintain and grow their 5-star online reputation.

Known as IQ Feedback in its original version, it was great at capturing customer testimonials. However, clients demanded more… and so did search portals like Google.

After all, a solid online reputation and more reviews were the keys to better rankings, more sales, and increasing revenue.

RevenueJump’s founder, Brodie Tyler, searched high and low for the perfect solution. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one, so he decided to plunge into the SaaS market by developing and launching ReviewJump in early 2016.

Within time clients again demanded more. For this reason, the company was renamed one (final) time to RevenueJump at the beginning of 2018.

Doing so allowed for other non-review related features to be included in the software. As the first of these, the referral system makes it simple for companies to generate more word-of-mouth marketing through referrals.

The RevenueJump Story is Not Over

As a software, it is constantly evolving and will continue to be improved upon to meet the needs of companies across the globe!

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