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Branded Searches – Don’t Drop the Ball
August 31, 2016

Is your company ranking number one for your brand name? I hope so. While a non-branded search helps drive new traffic that is at an earlier stage of the buying process, branded searches mean they are already considering you and are trying to dig up more information about your company. This has become the standard step, as our research shows…

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5 Creative Ways To Ask Your Customers for Online Reviews
July 8, 2016

If you’re like many marketers, you’re anxious about online reviews because you’re not getting enough of them. Online reviews influence your customer’s buying decisions, though! According to BrightLocal’s research, 92% of consumers now read online reviews. My own research shows 54% of people read online reviews before they buy from a local business. On top of influencing a consumer’s…

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Silencing Negative Reviewers with a $1 Million Lawsuit
June 24, 2016

How far would you go to fight negative online reviews? When someone writes a negative review about your business, it can seem like a personal attack. You’ve put countless hours, dollars, and gallons of sweat into your business, so when someone dismisses your business with a few angry paragraphs targeted at your hard work and creativity, it’s easy to get…

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Why the Delay?
May 26, 2016

When I began my job as the Sales Manager for RevenueJump, I never thought I would use my educational degree in conflict resolution so much. I thought all I would need to know was that our product was easy to use, simple in nature, and had phenomenal results. Using RevenueJump as a business, you send a request for a review…

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7 Reasons Why I Won’t Give You a Five Star Review
May 4, 2016

What do you see when you look at your reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook? How often do you get a five star review? Do you have an equal amount of four and three star reviews? You may find those three star reviews frustrating, and four star reviews can be even more aggravating. After all, you were that close to…

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Review Wars 2016: America’s Favorite Restaurant Emerges
April 20, 2016

The majority of us will, at some point, use online reviews to decide where to go for dinner. You’ll read some of the reviews, look at the overall ratings, and then make a subjective decision based on that information and roll the dice. After you try it out, you may even leave a review yourself! Back in March, we…

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Restaurant Review Wars 2016 (Semi-Finals)
April 14, 2016

Last week we whittled it down to the final four, and today we will be seeing which two businesses face off for the crown of Best Restaurant in the Nation (according to Yelp). To see last week’s matchups look here, or if you need to refresh yourself and see our original 16 contestants, look here. Week 3 Results…

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13 Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Using Testimonials
April 12, 2016

  No one likes a braggart. Before the days of Twitter, Yelp, and photo identification, people and businesses relied on their reputations to do business overseas, conduct trade via letters of introduction, and even to run for president. That’s right– the contenders didn’t actually run for office themselves, but rather, relied on their supporters to campaign for them. While those…

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Why Buyer Personas are Key to Your Business
April 6, 2016

Editor’s Note: For our first ever guest post, Tim Grenda from Elevator Agency stops by to talk buyer personas. Take it away, Tim.  Many business, maybe even yours, engage in content marketing to help drive more visitors, leads and customers to their websites. Content marketing is the use of articles, videos and other types of content that is distributed online…

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Review Wars – Restaurants 2016 (Week 3)
April 4, 2016

  If you found the NCAA March Madness tournament as frustrating as I did, then join me here for some comfort food as we analyze the results from our next round of competition in Review Wars – Restaurants 2016. If you aren’t up to date, see weeks one and two. Last time, we learned which restaurant is the best…

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Yelp: The TV Series
March 31, 2016

If there was a Yelp TV show, what would you expect it to be called? Saved By The Yelp? The Real Yelpwives of San Francisco? Yelpis and Yelp-Head? Yelp Vs. The Evil Dead? It turns out, it’s actually called 12 Hungry Yelpers and it’s definitely a real thing. It’s one of many new Food Network shows, and it’s being made…

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Review Wars – Restaurants 2016 (Week 2)
March 25, 2016

Week 1 results We aren’t here to discuss the crazy results from NCAA basketball (Michigan St, you’re killing me). We have our own week one story to tell about America’s Favorite Restaurant, according to the officials who matter most – the people who eat there. Last week, we explained how this works. The short of it is that each…

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Review Madness: America’s Favorite Restaurant
March 16, 2016

As determined by the PEOPLE Does everyone know what time it is? It’s mid-March, so that mean’s it’s time for March Madness! While everyone else is obsessing over college basketball, we at RevenueJump gush at the thought of reviews. What better way to determine America’s Favorite Restaurant than to have them compete head-to-head in competition without them even knowing it!…

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12 Basic Blogging Dos and Don’ts
March 10, 2016

We weren’t all born into the world of blogging. Some of us had to learn blogging dos and don’ts. Some of us have yet to learn them. In late summer of 2014, I taught a blogging class for middle school kids at The Cabin in Boise. My friend and former co-worker Kate Smith and I loosely went over the history…

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Confessions of a Review Junkie
March 2, 2016

“I got you the $80 crutches because they had much better reviews than the $70 crutches,” my friend Herb told me on Black Friday, 2015. I sprained my knee on Thanksgiving. It was a particularly bad sprain, and all I did was reactivate an old injury. It was excruciating and embarrassing. Worse still, I did it in front of a…

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I’m Giving Away 100 Copies of My New Reputation Management Book
February 26, 2016

What would you do if you had 2500 copies of your new book delivered to your small office in Meridian, ID? I was faced with that question late last week. Before I show you my solution, I want to tell you a bit about my new book. I’m giving 100 copies away here. If that’s all you need to…

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How to Spot an SEO Scam
February 24, 2016

“We’ll get you to the first page of Google in less than a month, because we know someone at Google. Also, my uncle works for Nintendo. I get to play all the games before they come out. But don’t tell anyone.” – Typical SEO Scam Unless you’re a doctor, you have to trust your doctor at their word. You can…

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Are You a Victim of False Negative Reviews?
February 19, 2016

With the Digital Age still being relatively young, we still haven’t agreed on all the rules. We are still navigating our way through it and deciding collectively what the rules of this new plane should be. One of the more important discussions we are having right now surround the issues of online reviews. Getting published and seen used to…

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How to Get the Best of Houzz Badge
February 17, 2016

If you’re a contractor, here’s a short but a valuable tip. You may have seen them, but Houzz has these badges that identify the best contractors on their platform: Have you ever wondered how to earn these badges? Without revealing who, I was speaking with a Houzz contractor last week who tested the system. One year he didn’t earn the…

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16 Reviews That Went Terribly Wrong
February 12, 2016

They can’t all be winners. Today we feature the best of the best – and the worst of the worst – reviews for eight unique products sold by Amazon. These reviewers take the product as seriously as the manufacturers do. 1. The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer If there is any project in the household that needs a special tool, it’s…

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Reputation Really Can Equal Revenue
February 10, 2016

Editor’s Note: This is the introduction from Brodie’s forthcoming book, Reputation Equals Revenue.   Your company’s purpose is to provide products or services to customers and to support your employees, right? Obviously, it wouldn’t be able to accomplish this without sustained revenue growth. Whether you represent a local business or a franchise, you’re not exempt from this cold hard truth—…

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ReviewJunk #5: Moderately Enjoyable Reviews
February 5, 2016

Hello, welcome to the fifth episode of ReviewJunk. I’m your host, a person who writes things on the internet. Like most of my peers, I am indistinguishable from any other person who writes things on the internet. “I miss that Dan Rather. He was such a nice man,” our parents tell us. “Now anyone can write anything and plop it…

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The Local Search Konami Code: 70 Sites to Suit Your Citation Needs
February 4, 2016

We recently put together a list of 70 local citation sites. Think of it as a sort-of Konami code for your local SEO efforts. “What does that even mean, Dustin?” I’m glad you asked. Did you spend the halcyon days of your childhood throwing your Nintendo controller at the wall because you kept dying in Contra and Gradius? I…

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Websites That Win: The Mattress Nerd
February 2, 2016

Even with millions of websites to choose from, perfection is hard to find. We all have flaws, though, and you don’t have to be perfect to be appreciated (according to a legitimate source– my mother). Even so, occasionally I come across a website so good, so amazing, that I have to tell others about it. These aren’t necessarily the funniest…

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Review Junk #4: Funny Reviews; Asinine Commentary on Funny Reviews
January 29, 2016

Welcome to Advanced ReviewJunk: Fourth Edition. In this prestigious column, I address the serious issue of funny reviews. I also review these funny reviews because I don’t know how to leave well enough alone. Since none of my coworkers have been brave enough to stop me from posting this weekly series, you’re stuck with yet another ReviewJunk. It’s been a…

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4 Ways to Direct Link Your Google Business Reviews Page for Customers
January 27, 2016

  “How do I generate a direct link to get customers to review my business on Google in 2016?” RevenueJump’s site has been online for less than three weeks, but that’s a search query we received from a Bing searcher on Saturday. I personally understand why someone might use Bing for that search, as it seems like something Google might…

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Fake Reviews: Spotting a Big, Fat Phony!
January 26, 2016

Our ancestors had to learn how to survive and pick up the signals of a predator, or the tracks of the prey they themselves were after. Nowadays, our survival relies more on the ability to wade through an overflowing river of information and being able to separate the genuine article among the torrent of camouflaged frauds. Even though 68% of…

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ReviewJunk #3: Funny Reviews of Products, Fabulous Wastes of Time
January 22, 2016

Greetings, earthlings. By some strange miracle of coincidence, you’re reading the third entry in our ReviewJunk series. Get Blog Updates // For those of you who missed our previous episodes, here’s a summary: screenshots of reviews from the internet which are funny or weird to the author of this article, at the very least Pets. Funny reviews of products. Viral…

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Authentic Online Reviews – Is It Really Business Vs Consumer?
January 21, 2016

Tom and Landon are separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Though they might not describe themselves as such, they’re both advocates– but upon first glance, they’re on opposite sides of the conflict. Tom is based in England. He’s a restaurant inspector who wages a good-humored battle against fake reviews, both through his writing and through social media. Tom pushes for authentic…

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How to Respond to Negative Reviews
January 19, 2016

  You’ve poured time and money, as well as your heart and soul into your business, so it’s understandable to be hurt when someone casually dismisses your efforts or seems unimpressed by your dedication. It becomes even more challenging when it goes beyond just that one customer who seemingly didn’t care; especially when that customer has a strong enough opinion…

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Habits of Highly Effective Internet Shoppers
January 18, 2016

The progress in our communications has shifted the power back to the consumers. A single bad online review (whether true or not) can destroy an established business, or just drive hundreds of potential customers the other way. To see how this works, just look at the way people shop. If I purchase a product or service it doesn’t…

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ReviewJunk #2: Funny Online Reviews, Etc.
January 15, 2016

Yes, hello. Welcome to the second installment of ReviewJunk, a segment in which I dig up strange, biting, and funny online reviews from around the internet. This week, we’re featuring another Boise business, a restaurant with BAD SERVICE, a buffet that has nothing good to offer at all, one very thin product, and a timepiece that seems to stare into…

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RevenueJump Analyzed 22,032 Local Listings: Read our Local Search Report
January 13, 2016

(Note: You can find the full report here, or navigate to our resources section) Get Blog Updates // Prior to launching RevenueJump, I personally analyzed over 20,000 local listings in Google. I wrote about my experience a bit in our first blog post. In a way, this site and our software are both here because of that research.…

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You Need Google Reviews to Get Google Reviews: Let’s Get Started
January 12, 2016

“How do I get Google reviews?” It’s a common question. If you don’t have at least five Google reviews, many of your potential customers are passing you by each time they do a Google search. The problem is, it’s tough for your customers to leave a Google review if you don’t already have a few. They can look you up…

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To Maintain its Reputation, McDonald’s Pays the Ultimate Price: Some Cheeseburgers
January 11, 2016

In an act of what ESPN calls “fast food retribution,” McDonald’s has awarded Minnesota Vikings coach, Mike Zimmer with 100 cheeseburgers, complete with 100 slices of processed cheese and 100 yellow wrappers. There are presumably 200 pickles, 200 pieces of bread, and thousands of flavor-crystal “onions” somewhere in that mixture, as well. I can’t estimate the total volume of ketchup…

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ReviewJunk: The Funniest and Weirdest Reviews From Around the Web #1
January 8, 2016

Welcome to the first installment of ReviewJunk, aka RevenueJump’s weekly excuse to have a little too much fun. Each Friday, we’ll bring you a smattering of funny, brutally honest, and otherwise notable online reviews from around the web. So, in other words, the weirdest reviews. For our inaugural venture into the world of funny reviews, I thought I’d start with…

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Online Reviews: A Year in Review
January 7, 2016

So, 2015 online reviews: what changed and what stayed the same? Welcome to RevenueJump. Throughout 2016, we’ll provide news, stories, how-tos, case studies, resources, and even some shenanigans, all focused on online reviews, reputation management, customer service, and other areas of interest. Since reviews are at the heart of what we do, we thought we’d dedicate our first blog post…

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